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Bluetooth Battery Care System : GTP0159

Key FeaturesiOS or Android app available2-6s compatibilityBattery health analysisBattery capacity meterCharge timesDischarge timesOver discharge timesOver charge timesWhat's in the Box5x 2-6s balance connection leads1x Bluetooth battery care unit
GTP0159£19.99 £9.99

Futaba Battery Checker : P-BR-4000

Futaba Battery Checker : P-BR-4000The Futaba BR-4000 is a sophisticated battery checker with cell balance function.BR-4000 can be use to check the status of a wide variety of different types...

Overlander 2-8s Battery Capacity Meter : 3250

Overlander 2-8s Battery Capacity Meter : 3250Battery Voltage Capacity Checker / Balance Discharger / Servo Tester from Overlander Compatible with 8S battery packs! Total pack voltage Total battery capacity (0-99%)...

Smart Alarm Lithium Battery Checker and Alarm : P-FS-BC06

The SmartAlarm has similar functionality to the SmartGuard, but is smaller and includes a programmable low voltage alarm.Being lightweight, the SmartAlarm can also be used as an on-board battery monitor...

Smart Guard 3 Lithium Battery Checker & Balancer : P-FS-BC07

Smart Guard 3 Lithium Battery Checker & Balancer : P-FS-BC07

Spektrum XBC100 Smart Battery Checker/Servo Tester : SPMXBC100

Key Features Battery checker with built in cell balancing Advanced Servo testing feature helps with model setup - Suitable for High Voltage and Normal Voltage servos. Spektrum Smart battery technology...