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Align 6S1P 22.2V 3300mAh/50C LiPo HBP33003T (Second Hand) : MHSH75

Second Hand Align 6S1P 22.2V 3300mAh/50C LiPo - HBP33003T 2 x Currently Available Equipped with EC5 Connectors These high discharge lithium polymer batteries are designed to maintain performance in series configuration,...

Align MR25 Racing Quad V2 Yellow (Second Hand) : MHSH100

Second Hand Align MR25 Racing Quad Super Combo V2 - Yellow - RM42509XT Does Not Come with Batteries As New Condition Currently 2 Available

Align MR25X Racing Quad Combo (Second Hand) : MHSH19

Second Hand Align MR25X Racing Quad ComboExcellent ConditionExtra Propellers Included (New)
MHSH19£150.00 £140.00

Align T-Rex 600 Rotorhead (Second Hand) : MHSH61

Second Hand Align T-Rex 600 Rotorhead.Good condition

Align T-Rex 700E Main Gear/Auto Unit (Second Hand) : MHSH103

Second Hand Align T-Rex 700E Main Gear/Auto Unit.M1/112T Highly Rigid CNC Machined Helical Main Drive GearSlight Damage to one Tooth as seen in photos 

BK Servo DS-7002HV Standard Cyclic Servo (Second Hand) : MHSH90

Second Hand BK Servo DS-7002HV Standard Cyclic ServoExcellent ConditionCurrently 3 Available

BK Servo DS-7006HV Tail Servo (Second Hand) : MHSH57

Second Hand BK Servo DS-7006HV Tail ServoExcellent Condition

Blade InFusion 180 BNF (Second Hand) : MHSH97

Second Hand Blade InFusion 180 BNF - BLH7050NOTE - Canopy Paint Has Faded, As Seen In Photos - NEW Painted Canopy Will Be SuppliedOtherwise, In Great Condiiton3 Batteries are Included

BLH2650 Main Motor 3980Kv: Blade 200 S (Second Hand) : MHSH34

Second Hand Main Motor 3980KV for the Blade 200 SExcellent condition.
MHSH34£25.00 £20.00

Camera Mount/Gimbal for T-Rex 700 (Second Hand) : MHSH35

Second Hand Camera Mount/Gimbal from an Align T-Rex 700EIncludes the following electronics fitted too 2 x Align DS610 Servo 1 x CSM SL720 Gyro (Needs another gyro to complete)

Canomod T-Rex 700EX Painted Canopy w/Cover (Second Hand) : MHSH49

Canomod Align T-Rex 700 EX Painted Canopy, includes canopy coverGood Condition

DJI Phantom Backpack (Second Hand) : MHSH64

Second Hand DJI Phantom BackpackGood Condition

E-flite UMX Carbon Cub SS (Second Hand) : MHSH98

Second Hand E-flite UMX Carbon Cub SSExcellent CondiitonIncludes 4 Batteries + SparesNo Charger Included

Frame - SAB Goblin Buddy 380 (Second Hand) : MHSH23

Second Hand SAB Goblin Buddy 380 Main FrameLike New Condition.Currently 2 Available.

Fusion Hawk BL 100A OPTO ESC (Second Hand) : MHSH31

Second Hand Fusion Hawk BL 100A OPTO Speed ControllerSpecificationsLoad Current – 100APeak Current – 120ADimensions – 73 x 56 x 31Weight – 162gNiCd/NiMh Cells – 14 to 36LiPo Cells –...

Futaba GY601 Piezo Gyro (Second Hand) : MHSH68

Second Hand Futaba GY601 Piezo GyroGood Condition
MHSH68£95.00 £85.00

Futaba R617FS 7 Channel Fasst Receiver (Second Hand) : MHSH72

Second Hand Futaba R617FS 2.4ghz Fasst 7 Channel ReceiverGood ConditionCurrently 3 x available, price is per receiver

Gaui X2 Combo (Second Hand) : MHSH42

Second Hand Gaui X2 Combo with the following included BeastX Flybarless System Futaba R617FS 2.4ghz Fasst Receiver 3 x Gaui GS-093 Cyclic Servos 1 x Gaui GS-095 Tail Servo Scorpion/Gaui...

Gaui X5 Combo (Second Hand) : MHSH10

Second Hand Gaui X5 Combo with the following included Scorpion/Gaui GM-601 910kv Brushless Motor Gaui GE-610 ESC BeastX Flybarless System Futaba R617FS 2.4ghz Fasst Receiver 3 x Gaui GS-501 Cyclic...
MHSH10£549.00 £499.00

Gensace Tattu 16,000mAh 15C 22.2V 6S LiPo (Second Hand) : MHSH44

Second Hand Gensace Tattu 16,000mAh 15C 22.2V 6S LiPo Battery Pack.A great choice for large-sized aerial photography vehicles like the DJI S800, S1000, Gryphon X8, OnyxStar FOX-C8-HD and professional UAVs.12...

Hobbywing Platinum PRO HV200A V4.1 Speed Controller (Second Hand) : MHSH04

Second Hand Hobbywing Platinum PRO HV200A V4.1 Speed ControllerFor Use With 700-800 Sized HelicoptersExcellent Condition

JP Automatic Lead Acid Battery Charger (Second Hand) : MHSH08

Second Hand JP Automatic Lead Acid Battery Charger 2 Volts.Excellent Condition.

JR NER-910XZ PCM10 35mhz Receiver (Second Hand) : MHSH20

Second Hand JR NER-910XZ PCM10 35mhz 10 Channel Receiver Excellent Condition

JR R770S PCM 'S' 35mhz Receiver (Second Hand) : MHSH05

Second Hand JR R770S PCM 'S' 35mhz 7 Channel ReceiverExcellent Condition

JR RS77S PCM Synth Rx 35Mhz (Second Hand) : MHSH83

Second Hand JR RS77S PCM Synth Rx 35MhzExcellent ConditionA 7 Channel 35MHz S-PCM Receiver

ManiaX 2100mAh 25C 6.6V 2S LiFe (Second Hand) : MHSH41

Seconds Hand/Unused ManiaX 2100mAh 25C 6.6V 2S LiFePO4 battery Connectors: Deans Cable: 12AWG Dimensions (mm): 18 x 30 x 96mm

Mikado GAUI Mini VBar Flybarless (Second Hand) : MHSH56

Second Hand Mikado GAUI Mini VBar Flybarless Includes Bluetooth Module Excellent Condition

Mikado Gyroscope VBar Sensor (Brand New/Unused) : MHSH66

 Pre-owned Unused Mikado Gyroscope VBar Sensor

Mikado Logo 550 Combo (Second Hand) : MHSH22

Second Hand Mikado Logo 550 with the following fitted Scorpion HK4025-1100kv Brushless Motor Kontronik JIVE Pro 80+ HV ESC Mikado VBar Mini Blueline 2 x Spektrum DSMX Satellite Receiver 3...

Mikado Logo 600SX Combo (Second Hand) : MHSH89

Second Hand Mikado Logo 600SX Combo with the following fitted Scorpion HKIII 4035-560kv Brushless Motor Kontronik Jive 120A ESC Mikado Mini VBar w/2 x Spektrum DSM2 Satellite Receivers fitted 3...

Mikado VBar Control Panel (Second Hand) : MHSH99

Second Hand Mikado VBar Control PanelExcellent Condition 
MHSH99£35.00 £30.00

Mikado VBar NEO (Non VLink) (Second Hand) : MHSH82

Second Hand Mikado VBar NEO (Non VLink) Pro RescueExcellent Condition

Miniature Aircraft X-Cell Whiplash Combo (Second Hand) : MHSH54

Second Hand Miniature Aircraft X-Cell Whiplash complete with the following installed Scorpion 4525-520-KV Ultimate Brushless Motor Castle Pheonix ICE2 HV 160A ESC Futaba CGY750 Flybarless System Futaba R6303SB Fasstest 2.4ghz...

Model Avionics Throttle Jockey Nitro Governor (Second Hand) : MHSH74

Second Hand Model Avionics Throttle Jockey Nitro Governor with accessories. Good condition

NHP 800 Aggressor FBL (Brand New) : MHSH59

Brand New NHP 800 Aggressor FBL Carbon BladesPreowned Never Used Length: 800mm Weight: 230g Bolt Hole: 4/5mm Colour: Black For Aggressive 3D Aerobatic Flight with Large Models
MHSH59£50.00 £45.00

OS Engine OS40L Carburettor (Second Hand) : MHSH77

Second Hand OS Engine OS40L CarburettorFor OS55HZ Engine

OS Engine OS61B Pumped Carburettor + Backplate (Second Hand) : MHSH30

Second Hand OS Engine OS61B Pumped Carburettor with BackplateFor OS91HZ Engine 

OS Engine Powerboost Pipe GT15HZ : (Brand New/Pre-Owned) : MHSH70

Brand New, Pre-Owned OS Engine Powerboost Pipe GT15HZ

OS.32F-H Engine (Brand New) : MHSH45

Brand New/Boxed OS.32F-H Helicopter Engine

Outrage Velocity 50 Painted Canopy (Brand New) : MHSH62

Brand New Official Painted Canopy for the Outrage Velocity 50.Manufactured by Canomod

OXY 3 Tareq Edition Combo (Second Hand) : MHSH88

Second Hand OXY 3 Tareq Edition with the following fitted Hobbywing 60A ESC Lynx 6S 2500kv EOX2214 Brushless Motor 3 x Align DS450M HV Cyclic Servo MKS DS95i Tail Servo...
MHSH88£295.00 £250.00

Radient RDNA0063 Recoil NiMH Charger (Second Hand) : MHSH80

Second Hand Radient RDNA0063 Recoil NiMH 20W Peak Detection Charger (UK)Excellent, Like New ConditionKey Features: 1-8 NiMH Cells NiMH peak detection charging 2 A Charge Rates (20W Max) Simple One...

RC Logger RC Eye 650 Drone (Second Hand) : MHSH28

Second Hand RC Logger RC Eye 650, see below original product specification details.RISC Microprocessor Flight Control!The RC Eye 650 kit is equipped with latest Atmel RISC processor and MEMS gyro...
MHSH28£599.99 £299.99

Robbe Power Peak Compact Duo Charger (Second Hand) : MHSH84

Second Hand Robbe Power Peak Compact BID Duo Charger Excellent Condition Note: Does not come with UK IEC Lead (Kettle Lead) A Compact, Universal, Low-cost charge/discharge station with battery management for: NC/NiMH:...

RVE Carbon Main Blades 756mm F3C (Slight Damage/New) : MHSH32

Brand New pair of RVE Carbon Main Rotor Blades 756mm F3CNote these were damaged in transit on the trialing edge tip on each blade.Having checked them, they are fine for...
MHSH32£219.99 £150.00

SAB Carbon Tail Blades 115mm (Second Hand) : MHSH58

Second SAB Carbon Tail Blades3 Tail BladesLength - 115mmExcellent Condition

SAB Goblin 380 Airbrush Canopy Yellow/Black (Second Hand) : MHSH39

Second Hand SAB Goblin 380 Airbrush Canopy Yellow/BlackMinor surface cracks/marks seen as per pictures.H0559-S 
MHSH39£45.00 £40.00

SAB Goblin 380 KSE Combo (Second Hand) : MHSH03

Second Hand SAB Goblin 380 KSE (3 Bladed) with the following fitted Helicommand/Bavarian Demon 3SX Flybarless System w/2 x Spektrum/Lemon DSMX Satelite Receivers fitted Kontronik Micro PYRO 380-09 Brushless Motor...