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RCWare RX2SIM Wireless Multi-Sim Adaptor : RCWT300140

Input Signals- Single Channels- PPM-Serial- Futaba S.Bus/S.Bus2- SRXL- Spektrum Satellite (DSM2/DSMX)PPM-Serial Output Signal- Compatible with most flight simulators, e.g. Phoenix R/C Pro Simulator, Real Flight R/C Flight Simulator and more.USB-Modes-...

Align Simulator Cable : HEP00002T

Use for FMS/Next/Helix simulated flying software.Suitable for all Spektrum/JR Transmitter.

Futaba WSC-1 Wireless Simulator Controller : P-WSC-1

Futaba WSC-1 Wireless Simulator Controller : P-WSC-1The WSC-1 allows for direct wireless communication with simulators and transmitters using the S-FHSS protocol.Compatible with the most popular simulators on Windows 8.1/10Currently all...
P-WSC-1£49.99 £45.75

Align A10 Transmitter Simulator Cable : HEP00018T

Suitable for ALIGN Flying Simulator(HERA1004). Also compatible with Next Simulator, AccurcA10 Transmitter Simulator Cable x 1

InterLink DX Simulator Controller (USB Plug) : SPMRFTX1

Features Compatible with Windowsᄊᄅ PC platforms Works with most simulators - no need for multiple controllers High-quality SpektrumT gimbals with adjustable spring and throttle tension Plug and play - set...

Trainer Cord : All Spektrum/JR : SPM6805

Trainer Cord : All Spektrum/JR : SPM6805

XTR Simulator Lead - Sanwa : CN-SIMSANWA

XTR Simulator Lead - Sanwa
CN-SIMSANWA£4.99 £2.50

XTR Simulator Lead - Hummingbird/Twister : CN-SIMHB

XTR Simulator Lead - Hummingbird/Twister
CN-SIMHB£8.16 £4.25

XTR Simulator Lead - Futaba (Din) : CN-SIMFUTABA

XTR Simulator Lead - Futaba (Din)
CN-SIMFUTABA£4.99 £2.50

Csm Sim Lead - Futaba : CSM0004

Csm Sim Lead - Futaba
CSM0004£5.45 £2.75

Phoenix Mini-Din (Esky) Adaptor : RTMAMINIDIN

Phoenix Mini-Din (Esky) Adaptor
RTMAMINIDIN£9.19 £4.50

Phoenix Futaba FX-18 Adapter : RTMAFUTFX18

Phoenix Futaba FX-18 Adapter
RTMAFUTFX18£9.19 £4.50

Realflight Transmitter Interface Adapter Cords : RFL1015

Realflight Transmitter Interface Adapter Cords : RFL1015

Aerofly Wireless Connect Receiver System 35mhz : IKAWC35

This unit offers wireless flying on the simulator with your own transmitter. Just plug a RX crystal matching your transmitter channel into the AWC System and connect it to the...
IKAWC35£9.99 £4.99

ACCURC Sanwa Adaptor : AC109

ACCURC Sanwa Adaptor, 3.5mm to Din 180 for use with Sanwa Transmitters
AC109£5.95 £2.99

ACCURC DX4/5 Adaptor : AC105

ACCURC DX4/5 Adaptor, 3.5mm to Spectrum DX5 adapter only use for Spectrum DX5 Transmitters
AC105£5.95 £2.99