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SAB TB Main Blade 280mm - Goblin Fireball/Mini Comet : SAB-280TBS

Includes:1set - TB Main Blade (length 280mm)Used for:- Goblin Fireball- Goblin Mini Comet

SAB Double Side Tape 1MM - GOBLIN 380 : HA035-S

Includes:- Double Side Tape 100x35x1mm x 2pcsUse for:- Goblin 380

HA065-S - Micro Servo Horn (Goblin Fireball)

HA065-S - Micro Servo Horn Includes: - 4x Servo Horn - 4x Tapping Screw M2.3 Use for: - Goblin Fireball - Goblin miniComet

Black Plastic Tail Blade 50mm - Goblin Fireball : H0828-S

Includes:- 1set x Tail Blade 50mmUse for:-  Goblin Fireball

HC448-S - Thrust Bearing 3 x 6 x 2.5 - Goblin 380

Includes:- Thrust Bearing Ø3 X Ø6 X 2.5 x 2pcsUse for:- Goblin 380

Tail Belt HTD 2M 850 - Goblin Fireball/Mini Comet : HC491-S

Includes:- 1x Tail Belt HTD 2M 850 Use for:- Goblin Fireball / MiniCOMET

Carbon Rod 2x3x276mm - Goblin Fireball : HC489-S

Includes:- 1x Carbon Rod (Pultrusion Tube 3 x 1.8 x 276mm)- 2x Linkage M2x22- 2x Uniball ArmUse for:- Goblin Fireball

Main Shaft - Goblin Fireball : H0784-S

Includes:- 1x Main Shaft- 1x Center Hub- 1x Set Screw M3 x 4mmUse for:- Goblin Fireball

Goblin Thrust Bearing 4 x 9 x 4 (2) : HC434-S

Goblin Thrust Bearing 4x9x4 (2)

ABEC-5 Bearing 4 x C x 2.5 (4pcs) - Goblin 500/570 : HC403-S

Includes:- ABEC-5 Bearing Ø4 x Ø9 x 2,5 x 4pcsUse for:- Goblin 500/570

Velcro Tape 36 x 100mm - SAB Goblin Fireball : HA045-S

Includes:- 2x Hook and Loop Tape 36x100mm - Goblin FireballUse for:- Goblin Fireball- Goblin miniComet

Tail Pitch Slider - Goblin Fireball : H0775-S

Includes: - 1x Pitch Slider 03 - 1x?Pitch Slider 01 - 1x?Pitch Slider 02 - 2x?Flanged Bearing 4 x 7 x 2.5mm (MF74zz) Use for: -??Goblin Fireball

Zip Tie 2.5 x 200mm : HA058-S

Zip Tie 2.5 x 200mm Includes: 50pcs Zip Tie 2.5 x 200mm

Swashplate Leveler - SAB Goblin Fireball/Mini Comet : H0928-S

H0928-S - Swashplate LevelerSimplify swashplate setup.Includes:1 x Fireball Swashplate Leveler1 x Socket Head Cap M2x81 x Set screw M2.5 x 18Used for:- Goblin Fireball- Goblin mini Comet

Canopy SAB Fireball Havok : H0990-S

H0990-S - Canopy Fireball HavokIncludes: 2 x Canopy Positioner 1 x Canopy Fireball Havok 2 x Socket Head Cap M2,5x6 Special 2 x Rubber Washer 3 x 7mm Used for:Goblin...

Boom SAB Fireball Havok : H0991-S

H0991-S - Boom Fireball Havok Includes: 4 x Washer 2,1 x 4,5 x 0,5 2 x Locking Element Tail 1 x Boom Fireball Havok 2 x Double Side Tape for...

Main Bearing Support - Goblin Fireball : H0837-S

Includes:1x Bearing Support2x Ball Bearing 4.765 x 12.7 x 4.987mm (R3ZZ)Use for:Goblin Fireball

Yellow Plastic Landing Gear - SAB Goblin Fireball : H0799-Y-S

H0799-Y-S - Yellow Plastic Landing GearIncreases the visibility of the model.Includes:4 x Washer 2,1 x 4,5 x 0,51 x Landing Gear Yellow ( PC)4 x Socket Head Cap M2x8Used for:-...

Landing Gear - SAB Goblin Fireball : H0799-S

Includes:- 1x Landing Gear Plastic- 4x Socket Head Cap M2x8- 4x Washer 2,1 x 4,5 x 0,5Use for:- Goblin Fireball

Goblin Hex Nylon Nuts M2.5 H3.5 (10) : HC200-S

Metric Hex Nylon Nuts M2,5 H3,5 (10pcs), For The SAB Goblin 630/700

Goblin Socket Cap Screw M2.5 x 8 (5) : HC020-S

Goblin Socket Cap Screw M2.5 x 8 (5)

Goblin Socket Cap Screw M2.5 x 6 (5) : HC018-S

Goblin Socket Cap Screw M2.5 x 6 (5)

Aluminum Finishing Washer M2.5(10pcs) - Goblin 380/500 : H0255-S

Includes:- Aluminum Finishing Washer M2.5 x 10pcsUse for:- Goblin 380/500

Fireball Anti-Static Kit : H0902-S

Fireball Anti-Static Kit : H0902-SIncludes: 1x Static Column 1x Bearing 3 x 6 x 2.5 2x Socket Screw 1.6 x 5mm 1x Socket Screw 1.6 x 4mm 5x Eyelet Lug...

SAB Sticker Fireball Blue

HA068-S - Sticker Fireball Blue, Upgrade your standard canopy. Includes:1 x Sticker Fireball BlueUsed for: Goblin Fireball

Carbon Reinforced Tube SAB Fireball Yellow : H0936-S

H0936-S - Carbon reinforced tube Fireball YellowCarbon reinforced tube Fireball Yellow, significantly lighter improving performance.Includes:4 x Washer 2,1 x 4,5 x 0,52 x Locking Element Tail1 x Boom Fireball Yellow2...

Aluminium Blade Grip Arm - SAB Goblin Fireball/Mini Comet : H0843-S

H0843-S - Aluminum Blade Grip Arm, Improved control over pitch precision.Includes: 1x Red Aluminum Blade Grip Arm 1x DFC Arm 1x Set Screw M2 x 10mm 2x Flanged bearing 2...

Feathering Spindle - SAB Goblin Fireball/MiniComet : H0792-S

Includes:- 1x Spindle- 2x Socket Cap M3 x 6Use for:- Goblin Fireball- Goblin miniComet

Tail Side Plate - Goblin Fireball : H0780-S

Includes:1x Tail Plate1x Flanged Bearing 3 x 8 x 3mm (MF83zz)Use for:Goblin Fireball

Goblin Washer 2x0.5x0.3

SAB GOBLIN 700 Genuine Spare Part - Shim Washer 2.2mm x 5mm x 0.3mm (10pc)

Button Screw M2.5 x 6 - Goblin 380 : HC019-S

Includes:- Button Screw M2,5 x 6 x 5pcsUse for:- Goblin 380

Goblin Socket Cap Screw M2 x 8 (5) : HC008-S

Goblin Socket Cap Screw M2 x 8 (5)

Goblin Socket Cap Screw M2 x 6 (5) : HC004-S

Goblin Socket Cap Screw M2 x 6 (5)

Goblin Socket Cap Screw M2 x 5 : HC002-S

Socket Head Cap M2x5 (10pcs), For The SAB Goblin 630/700

SAB Mini Comet Combo Tail Fin : H1522-S

SAB Mini Comet Combo Tail Fin : H1522-SIncludes:Tail Fin MiniComet Combo x 1pcUse for :Mini Comet

SAB Goblin Fireball/Mini Comet Carry Bag : HM062

SAB Goblin Fireball/MiniComet Carry Bag : HM062Allows for safe transport and protects from minor bumps and scratches.Instruction:Use for SAB Goblin Fireball/Mini CometDescription:This carry bag is specifically designed to hold and...

SAB Tail Servo DS12T : HE019-S

Operating Voltage: 7.4V, Size:23*12*27.50mm, Weight:20g, Working Frequence:760us/560Hz, Ball Bearing: 2BB, F12mm Coreless Motor, Steel Metal Gear, Includes:, - 1x Tail Servo DS12T, - 1x Servo Horn, - 1x Tapping Screw...

SAB MiniComet Carbon Rod : HC512-S

HC512-S - MiniComet Carbon Rod, Includes:, 2 x Linkage M2x22, 2 x Uniball Arm (POM), 1 x Carbon Rod Support, 1 x Carbon Rod (Pultrusion Tube 3 x 2 x...

Shims 2,1x3,6x0,2 - Goblin Fireball : HC508-S

Includes:8x Shims 2,1x3,6x0,2Use for:Goblin Fireball

Set Screw M3x4 - Goblin Fireball : HC500-S

Includes:8x Set Screw M3 x 4mmUse for:Goblin Fireball

Nylon Nut M2 - Goblin Fireball : HC492-S

Includes:8x Metric Hex Nylon Nuts M2 H3Use for:Goblin Fireball

SAB FG Boom Fireball Red - Mini Comet : H0934-S

H0934-S - FG Boom Fireball RedIncludes:4 x Washer 2,1 x 4,5 x 0,52 x Locking Element Tail1 x Boom Fireball Red2 x Double Side Tape for H09104 x Socket Head...

Bell Crank Lever - SAB Goblin Fireball/Mini Comet : H0911-S

Bell Crank Lever - SAB Goblin Fireball/Mini Comet : H0911-SIncrease tail pitch precision and control.Includes: 1 x Grip Link Bush 2 x Tail Pin 1 x Uniball M2 D4 H3...

Right Tensioner Support - SAB Goblin Fireball : H0899-S

Includes:, - 1x Right Tensioner Support, - 1x Bush Bearing, - 1x Block Tensioner, - 2x Flat Head Socket Cap M2,5x5, - 2x Flanged Bearing 4 x 7 x 2.5mm...

Left Tensioner Support - Goblin Fireball : H0870-S

Includes:- 1x Left Tensioner Support- 1x Bush Bearing- 1x Block Tensioner- 2x Flat Head Socket Cap M2,5x5- 2x Flanged Bearing 4 x 7 x 2.5mm (MF74zz)- 1x Socket Head Cap M2,5x6 Special- 1x Washer 2,6 x...

Frame DX - SAB Goblin Fireball : H0833-S

Includes:, - 1x Frame DX, - 1x Magnet N52, D5 x 6mm, Use for:, - Goblin Fireball

Frame SX - SAB Goblin Fireball : H0832-S

Includes:, - 1x Frame SX, - 1x Magnet N52, D5 x 6mm, Use for:, - Goblin Fireball

Servos Linkage - Goblin Fireball : H0796-S

Includes:- 3x Servo LinkageUse for:- Goblin Fireball